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The New Face of Financial Research

An intuitively designed workspace for delivering powerful market insight


Get the inside access traders are using to profit more and win bigger. Original content from the Benzinga Pro news desk provides actionable information before the market moves.



Save time, energy, and screenspace without missing a beat. Audio squawk streams live every day with key headlines and real-time market updates.



Stay on top of every headline that matters to your portfolio with alerts sent straight to your inbox or delivered as live sound alerts.

The Fastest Newsfeed in the Game

Timing the market is hard. Stop waiting on headlines and get news that hustles.


Save time finding the information you need using keyword search to retrieve headlines that tell you the whole story


Stream news intelligently with custom filters. Display only the headlines from sources and categories that impact your trading strategy


Understand the potential impact of a story with positive and negative sentiment indicators


Our newsdesk’s hand-picked stories that alert users to stocks on the move

Security Snapshot View

News, fundamentals, and charts accessible through a comprehensive security snapshot. Gain clarity by seeing the entire picture without missing a detail. Includes balance sheets and income statements, SEC filings, press releases, and key corporate information.

Exclusive Newsdesk Access

Giving traders the opportunity to gain context and seek answers straight from the source. Available every trading day, users can instantly open a conversation with a reporter at Benzinga’s headquarters.

Affiliate Program

Have an audience? Know a lot of traders? The Benzinga Pro affiliate program is for you. Get a unique tracking link to share so you can make a commission on your favorite stock market news tool. Get everything you need to become a successful Benzinga Pro affiliate.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I absolutely love Benzinga Pro! The news landing in my email is priceless. I wish I knew about it years ago. I would have saved a fortune and avoided some critical mistakes.
Amazing powerful and great platform. I love Benzinga Pro for stock trading. If you do not have it you should absolutely get it. It has to increase your profitability by at least a good margin. There are plenty of educational tutorials and I love the unusual options activity module. Those who learn, earn!
Joseph M. Crowley
Benzinga PRO has completely changed how I find and utilize information. The SQUAWK button tied in with market movers and using the NewsFeed to my custom watch lists has given me back hours in my day.
Bill Brown
On the first day of me using Benzinga Pro, It paid for itself the annual subscription fee because of super fast news and signal alerts. I have tried other scanners and news services but nothing is even close to Benzinga. Highly recommended if you are serious about trading.
Before I had been trading stocks without benzinga pro and I lost money. When I started trading using benzinga pro I have started to regain the Lost money upto 50% and I believe I shall regain all of it and gain profits. Benzinga pro is a must and great.
Vincent Kemboi
Pays for itself in a short period of time!
I'll keep this review simple...
If you are trading in a self directed account, BENZINGA is a MUST HAVE.
It more than pays for itself in a very short period of time!
Matt Lennox
I believe Benzinga pro is a must for any day trader. Really recommended!!!
Ashraf Nakhi
Benzinga Pro is a really useful tool for anybody intending to make money on the stock exchange! It gives you all information in real time you need to make the right choices while trading. I also really appreciate the amount of detailed financial information about the companies you are interested in trading.
Benzinge Pro is a sophisticated and complex tool. However, it is possible to receive a clear training for free!
In a nutshell...highly recommended
Riccardo Fascetti
Honestly the most amazing platform I've been using since I've started day trading. I love how fast the news gets updated so I dont have to go searching for more sources. Kept me out of GNUS when it dropped from 1.40 to .70 in 30 seconds due to reverse split :/ I would defs recommend it to anyone getting into the markets
Jason Mcneir
The Holy Grail
Benzinga Pro is imperative for all day traders! I’m a intermediate level day trader who’s been looking for a news source that will allow me to know what’s going on in the stock market in real time. I tried everything from TV shows to websites and newspapers, but nothing compares to Benzinga Pro. The platform works very well, and there is a benzillion ways to pull up relevant information that will help you make money. I’ve never seen a news platform this accurate and fast. The first time I used Benzinga Pro I knew that it was an invaluable tool for trading. Anyone who trade stocks knows that every second counts. The Squawk is a real-time streaming audio news feed that’s faster than waiting for an article to be typed and uploaded. The first day that I listened to the Squawk I made 4X my annual subscription fee for Benzinga Pro and I haven’t looked back since. This is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal as a day trader, it’s worth more than the money you have to pay for your subscription by far. It can be tailored for any trading style and the depth of information about companies is incredible! I can’t praise Benzinga enough for the service they provide, and I recommend that everyone who reads this immediately get a subscription to this service, this is it!
James Turner
This is an amazing platform. If you are serious about what you do, you must have it. It is a unique one and you have an ALL-IN-ONE solution.
Shay Gun
Great signals and screener for picking up premarket movers, and the chat is great for getting up to date info.
David Boylan
Very useful tool for rapidly reacting to news to drive your trading
Greg Finney
An amazing tool if u want to effectively day trade. I really appreciate the Squak feature where Charlie squaks breaking news thruout the day and in pre and post market.
Amin Barrister
Must have site for traders The live news stream is unmatched easy to use and efficient. Great site definitely sticking with it. Feeling fortunate to how found it.
After assessing several traders and the tools they use, I decided to try Benzinga Pro.
Easy to use interface, with good options for arrangement and filtering of news and search results. News, Scanner, Charts, Alerts, Alarms, Chat. The only other thing I need is my trading platform.
This platform is truly a gem! It looks a bit intimidating in the beginning. However, once you get use to it, it would be tough to day trade without it. It's amazing to have the current news, squack alerts, analyst reports, chart analysis, financials, screeners, top movers, etc all in one place. The chat room from professionals also gave me some great tips on some profitable buys. Customer service was also top notch! Ryan was extremely helpful in answering all my questions right away. The team at Benzinga pro has this system down! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. Keep up the great work!
Jerome Samonte
Awesome platform. Takes a little effort to understand the elements on offer in Benzinga Pro. The webinars and help support is awesome.
I've found great benefits watching Ryan and Jonathan in their webinars
Brendan McGuirk
A great source for news but so much more. Today's trader needs several tools to improve results and ultimately, profits. Often this requires using products from multiple companies. Benzinga Pro had a great reputation for timely news but I was surprised at the number of additional tools they provide. Benzinga Pro allowed me to use multiple tools in one product and significantly reduce costs. But the real advantage of Benzinga Pro is the ability to create multiple work spaces that can target specific trading goals. The product is high quality and support top notch.
Benzinga is a incredible platform that helps me find my options and trading ideas. The seminars/webinars are always with very knowledgeable traders and are so helpful in expanding my trading ideas and knowledge. If I ever need help with the platform they are quick to respond. Worth all the money I pay for my subscription.
Brenda Crann
Dramatically increased market activity awareness
The sqauwk has dramatically increased my awareness of what is going on in the market. The volume and spike alerts are right on time. This represents a great value, even without my understanding of how to fully utilize it.
Christopher Ogunade
This is the best service for Traders
This is the best service for a complete news package. The amount of tools they make available to the retail trader rivals the big news services like Bloomberg and Reuters. Ryan in Customer service has always been quick with an answer to any questions I have had. Thanks Benzinga for continuing to make the platform even better than I can expect.
Serious Profits
Couldn’t be happier with Benzinga Pro
The platform and its capabilities allow for deep analysis and the chat room is always active with helpful knowledge and news. Add in the webinars and added tips by admins and it can’t get better!
Jonathan Lohmann
So many good things about Benziga Pro. I particularly like the Movers and Signals layout. It deserves a permanent 2 screens in my 4 screen trading setup.
Looking forward to more new features in the future.
Al V
Excellent tool! Very user friendly and easy to get around! Don't know how to get along without it now that I tried it
Tom Vetsch
Wether you are a day trader or an investor Benzinga Pro is the best news service out there. Highly recommend it to anyone!
I really enjoying having the squawk on the platform so I can listen for news events with out having to look away from my trading screens
Jeremey Cole
Excellent platform for those who like fundamentals, in particular; it has drastically reduced my research time. The community (chat feature) has been helpful with notification of stocks/pertinent information. Overall, great value to cost ratio.
I love Benzinga Pro! The support staff is actively involved with the platform. You can reach out to them directly which is amazing! The information received is timely with the squak alerts, price movement signal alerts, and multi-source news articles. As someone new to trading, the chat room is great! Constant ideas, trend alerts, and mentors who actively engage member questions are there to help each other and the newbies learn the ropes. I am very impressed with the staff and the service of this platform! Well done Benzinga Pro!
Tama Hollar
Benzinga pro is my go to financial platform
Benzinga pro is my go to platform for market news and commentary, trade ideas, market data, and chat. I have used many platforms and by far this is the best! I am a full-time trader with over 20 years experience and the value, service and support is fantastic.